Which mountain range is in South Carolina?

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Which mountain range is in South Carolina?

Which mountain range is in South Carolina?

Sassafras Mountain, highest point in South Carolina, USA, at 3,560 feet (1,085 meters). It is located in the Blue Ridge (a segment of the Appalachian Mountains) about 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Greenville, in Pickens County, on the North Carolina border.

Where are the SC mountains?

Top South Carolina Mountain Destinations 2019

  • Pickens County. (Clemson, Easley) RP Jennings | stock.adobe.
  • Greenville County. (Greenville, Travelers Rest)
  • Oconee County. (Seneca, Valhalla)
  • Spartanburg County. (Spartanburg, Landrum)
  • Cherokee County. (Blacksburg, Gaffney)

Which states are in the mountain region?

It is a subregion of the western United States. The Mountain States are generally considered to include: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

Where are the mountains in South Carolina?

South Carolina has many mountains, peaks and hills within its borders. Above you will find an interactive map with pins for all these summits. Just zoom in to see their specific location in South Carolina. You'll also find a list of South Carolina counties, from Abbeville County to York County.

Where is South Carolina located in the United States?

South Carolina (/ˌkærəˈlaɪnə/ (listen)) is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered to the north by North Carolina, to the southeast by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the southwest by Georgia across the Savannah River.

How high are the Blue Ridge Mountains in SC?

is 3,560 feet high. Take adventure to new heights in the majestic mountain region of the Palmetto State. With spectacular hiking trails, scenic waterfalls and sweeping views, the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina are an outdoor enthusiast's dream.

Where to see the mountains in North Carolina?

Oh and aah, then you have to cover this 13 mile trip from just north of the town of Walhalla to the North Carolina state line. From the Oscar Wigginton Overlook you have a breathtaking view of Lake Jocassee. 2. The Foothills Trail This continuous hike is definitely for the more experienced hikers among us.

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