Who found the way through the Blue Mountains?

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Who found the way through the Blue Mountains?

Who found the way through the Blue Mountains?

In 1813, Gregory Blaxland, William Charles Wentworth and William Lawson became the first European settlers to successfully navigate a trail across the Blue Mountains.

Who were the first white Australians to settle in the Blue Mountains?

Blaxland is 62 km from Sydney on the Great Western Highway, which is the main road west over the Blue Mountains. Blaxland was first inhabited by the Oryang/Aurang clan of the Darug tribe of Australian Aborigines. These people occupied the lower Blue Mountains area for 40,000 years or more.

When was Gregory Blaxland born?

17 June 1778
Gregory Blaxland/Date of Birth
Gregory Blaxland (1778-1853), settler, was born on 17 June 1778 at Fordwich, Kent, England, the fourth son of John Blaxland, Lord Mayor from 1767 to 1774, whose family had owned estates nearby for generations, and Mary, daughter of Captain Parker, RN

How did Blaxland commit suicide?

A sad end Gregory Blaxland died on 1 January 1853 by his own hands.

When did Gregory Blaxland explore the Blue Mountains?

By 1810 he had explored part of the Nepean River. Early in 1813 he requested Macquarie's approval for an exploring expedition over the Blue Mountains, and on 11 May he set out with William Lawson and William Charles Wentworth.

What did Gregory Blaxland write in his diary?

In February 1823, Blaxland published his Journal of a Tour of Discovery Across the Blue Mountains (London, 1823), in which he wrote: "On Tuesday the 11th of May 1813, Mr. Gregory Blaxland, Mr. William Wentworth and Lieutenant Lawson attended. of four servants with five dogs and four horses loaded with provisions, ammunition, …

Who helped cross the Blue Mountains?

On 11 May 1813, Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson and William Wentworth began their historic attempt to free Sydney from its topographical prison. Twenty-one days later they 'crossed' the Blue Mountains. The mythology depicts Blaxland as a practical, resourceful man with a steely will.

When did Blaxland cross the Great Dividing Range?

In early 1813, Blaxland, needing more grazing, obtained approval from Governor Lachlan Macquarie for an attempt to cross the Great Dividing Range, known as the Blue Mountains, following the ridges, rather than following the rivers and valleys.

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