Who is Inter Milan's biggest rival?

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Who is Inter Milan's biggest rival?

Who is Inter Milan's biggest rival?

The stadium is the largest in Italian football with a capacity of 75,923. They have long-standing rivalries with AC Milan, with whom they contest the Derby della Madonnina, and Juventus, with whom they contest the Derby d'Italia; their rivalry with the former is one of the most followed derbies in football.

Who is Italy's biggest football rival?

Italy's five fiercest football rivalries

  • Inter Milan vs AC Milan: Derby della Madonnina. Photo: BeSoccer.
  • Roma vs Lazio: Derby della Capitale. Photo: Reuters.
  • Juventus vs Torino: Derby della Mole. Photo: Wikipedia.
  • Genoa vs Sampdoria: Derby della Lanterna.
  • Juventus vs Inter Milan: Derby d'Italia.

What is the biggest rivalry in Serie A?

Milan Derby
Internazionale vs. The Derby della Madonnina – or Milan Derby – is one of the most famous derbies in world football. AC Milan and Inter Milan share a stadium and have also shared some players.

What is the biggest football rivalry?

El Clásico We start with what is perhaps the world's most famous rivalry. Taking place in Spain's La Liga between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, this rivalry eclipses them all in terms of money, star power and socio-political turmoil. Yes, that's right – El Clásico, the football match, has its history rooted in politics.

What is the name of Juventus vs Milan?

Serie A. (May 9, 2021) Stadiums. Allianz Stadium (Juventus) San Siro (Milan)

What is the rivalry between Inter and AC Milan?

Both clubs have been back and forth in terms of success. Inter Milan were more successful in the 1960s, but AC Milan were dominant in the 1980s and 1990s. The Calciopoli scandal increased this rivalry even more, but Juventus and Inter have been at each other's throats for some time.

The most notable Italian football rivalries are eagerly watched by neutrals and fans alike. Rivalry games can be the most exciting meetings of a season. In some cases, these rivalries can determine which team wins the league title in a given year. The rivalries on this list are in no particular order.

What is the name of the Italian football team?

For other sports teams called Milan, see Milan (disambiguation) § Sport. Associazione Calcio Milan (Italian pronunciation: [assotʃatˈtsjoːne ˈkaltʃo ˈmiːlan]), commonly referred to as AC Milan or simply Milan, is a professional football club based in Milan, Italy, founded in 1899.

How many Serie A titles does AC Milan have?

With 18 league titles, Milan are also the second most successful club in Serie A alongside local rivals Internazionale and behind Juventus (35 league titles). They have also won the Coppa Italia five times, and the Supercoppa Italiana seven times.

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