Who led the Mexican Revolution of 1910?

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Who led the Mexican Revolution of 1910?

Who led the Mexican Revolution of 1910?

The Mexican Revolution, which began in 1910, ended the dictatorship in Mexico and established a constitutional republic. A number of groups, led by revolutionaries including Francisco Madero, Pascual Orozco, Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata, took part in the long and costly conflict.

What events contributed to the Mexican Revolution?

Important Events of the Mexican Revolution

  • June 26, 1910: Porfirio Diaz arrests Madero.
  • November 20, 1910: Plan de San Luis.
  • February 22, 1913: Victoriano Huerta.
  • June 15, 1914: Gotta Blast.
  • November 23, 1914: You played yourself.
  • 5 Feb 1917: Constitution.
  • 1 May 1917: Not Villa's president.
  • April 20, 1920: Let's get this party started.

What were the stages of the Mexican Revolution?

This revolution can be divided into three phases: 1910 – 1920: a decade of struggle and civil war, which will however see the adoption of the 1917 Constitution. 1920 – 1934: Sonoria's years. 1934 – 1940: Lazaro Cardena's government.

What are three causes of the Mexican Revolution?

Causes of the Mexican Revolution

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