Why are there volcanoes in Indonesia?

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Why are there volcanoes in Indonesia?

Why are there volcanoes in Indonesia?

Indonesia's geography is dominated by volcanoes formed due to subduction zones between the Eurasian Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate. The remaining two groups are volcanoes in Halmahera, including the surrounding volcanic islands, and volcanoes in Sulawesi and the Sangihe Islands.

Why is it that most of the active volcanoes are located in that area?

This is because the Earth's crust is divided into a series of plates known as tectonic plates. Sixty percent of all active volcanoes occur at the boundaries between tectonic plates. Most volcanoes are found along a belt called the "Ring of Fire" that encircles the Pacific Ocean.

Where are most volcanoes in Indonesia?

Indonesia's most active volcanoes are Kelut and Mount Merapi on the island of Java. The majority of Indonesia's volcanoes are located on a 3,000 km long chain called the Sunda arc. Here, the subduction of the Indian Ocean crust beneath the Asian plate produced most of these volcanoes.

Where are most volcanoes in Indonesia located?

It is the country with the greatest number and density of active volcanoes. Most of the volcanoes in Indonesia belong to the Sunda Volcanic Arc, which stretches over 3,000 kilometers from NW Sumatra to the Banda Sea. This volcanic arc is a result of the subduction of Indian Ocean crust beneath the Asian plate and comprises 76%…

Why are there so many mountains in Indonesia?

Indonesia has many mountains and mountains because it is crossed by two paths of young mountains, Sirkum Pacific and Sirkum Mediterranean. The Mediterranean spurs extend from Indonesia to the west of the Himalayas, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Why are there so many volcanoes in the Himalayas?

This is why the Himalayas are the second most earthquake-prone region after the Pacific Circumference. In the eastern part, there are three tectonic plates such as Philippine, Pacific and Indo-Australian plates. Subduction between two plates causes the formation of volcanoes and ocean trenches.

Iceland is a hot spot volcano and the surface manifestation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Although most volcanoes are found at converging or diverging plate boundaries, intraplate volcanoes are found in the center of a tectonic plate. The Hawaiian Islands are the exposed peaks of a large chain of volcanoes located on the Pacific Plate.

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