Why did the Virginia colony prosper?

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Why did the Virginia colony prosper?

Why did the Virginia colony prosper?

In order to thrive, the colony needed a staple crop, one that could be exported for profit and thus fuel Virginia's economy. Rolfe discovered such a crop in tobacco. Soon indentured servants began to flood Virginia. In other words, tobacco helped bring self-government to Virginia.

What made the colony grow and prosper?

One reason colonies thrived is that they produced things that were in very high demand. This included things like cash crops grown in the southern colonies and the Caribbean.

Why did people come to the Virginia Colony?

The main reason settlers came to the Virginia colony was for economic opportunity. In the colony's first settlement, Jamestown, the first real way to make money was to grow tobacco. Although rural Virginia tobacco was of very poor quality, a later colonist brought Spanish tobacco, which grew as a weed in the Virginia soil.

What did the farmers in colonial Virginia grow?

In addition to growing a primary cash crop, farmers also grew a variety of other things. Virginia farmers grew vegetables such as corn, beans, peas, carrots, and cabbage to eat.

How did tobacco change life in the Virginia Colony?

Tobacco changed their lifestyle forever. Before the incredible introduction of tobacco, Virginia was mostly a series of small farms and communities packed together like sardines. After tobacco was introduced in 1612, Virginia quickly grew into a sprawling colony with vast farms and enormous plantations.

What was the purpose of the Virginia Company?

The Virginia Colony was founded by the Virginia Company, but it was not the only colony founded. The Virginia Company also established Jamestown and Popham Colony. These colonies were started for profit, with the settlers growing what they could to trade. Unfortunately, Popham Colony failed.

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