Why is June 21 the longest day?

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Why is June 21 the longest day?

Why is June 21 the longest day?

The summer solstice is today, June 21. The event is the longest day of the summer season and takes place in the Northern Hemisphere when the Sun is directly above the Tropic of Cancer. The Earth rotates on its axis, resulting in a cycle of day and night.

Which country has the shortest night?

Reykjavik, Iceland In Icelandic folklore, the shortest night of the year is an enchanted time when cows talk, seals turn into people, and elves and trolls descend from the mountains.

When do the summer months start and end in Europe?

The summer months in Europe are June, July and August. This is because the entire continent of Europe lies in the northern hemisphere, above the equator. Summer typically begins around June 21 and ends around September 22.

When is the first day of summer this year?

The answer is more complicated than you think! Break out the Slip 'N Slide and the popsicles – the first day of summer is almost here! This year, the summer solstice falls on Sunday 20 June in the Northern Hemisphere and marks the official start of summer. If you want to be really precise, it happens at 11:32 PM ET

What is the official start of spring in Europe?

19 March: Father's Day in Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain (Saint Joseph's Day) 20-21 March: Vernal Equinox (official start of spring in some countries) March 25: National Day of Greece (independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821 and proclamation of the Republic in 1921) April 1: All Fools' Day.

Where to go in Europe this summer?

1. Rhodes, Greece Beach Culture Food Nightlife Rhodes and indeed all the Greek islands are famous for being a great European summer destination! You can either join the popular nightlife or just hang out on the beach all day long and go to bed early to do it all over again the next day. Either way, don't miss the food, you wouldn't regret it!

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Why is June 21 the longest day?

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